The World’s Sport

I would like to talk about the world’s greatest sport. No, it is not football or soccer, nor is it tennis or golf. I talk about the world’s greatest sport, judging. Oh please, don’t be shocked. We judge others all the time. I’m not sure if we are really good at it, or if we are just persistent.

I am guilty of it, and I believe most others are as well. And yet I have learned something. Something important, and something I should share. This is pretty much a secret so don’t tell it to anyone other than everyone you know. Almost everybody gets judging wrong.

No, really, it’s true. Until you live the other person’s life, with everything they’ve had to go through, and with everything they needed to attempt for their survival both mentally and physically, you do not know. And therein lies the failure of most people to judge correctly.

If you judge somebody else by your life, by the standards you keep, by the reasonings that you have developed, you’re going to judge them wrong. I’m not saying everyone is right. I’m not saying people do only good and righteous things. I am just saying that until we delve into a background of another person, you have little to judge for their reasoning and actions.

Right now, you’re getting ready to pummel me with questions about mass murderers, those who abuse and take advantage of gender differences, those who steal millions, and the guy who keeps cutting you off on the freeway. And that is fair enough. If they break our laws, they are remanded to the judicial system. At that point, we are not judging them. We are prosecuting them for their actions.

It is too easy to judge someone, because we are jealous of their money, or power, or fame. It is also easy to judge someone because he/or she is beneath us and we feel we have righteous ability to hold it over him/or her. Quite often, we judge people who we think are judging us, even if the proof just isn’t there.

Think of how much brainpower, stomach acid, and stress we could save by not judging others we do not know about and concentrate on the one person we do know about. Ourselves.

Just one mean old master sergeants thought. Have a great day.

Don’t forget the getaway

After a very cool overcast day yesterday with temperatures around 50°, today is going to be nice and with warm temperatures back up to 87°.

Every so often it’s nice to have a different day. A little cooler when it’s normally warm out and a little warmer if it usually is chilly out. It just gives us a change of pace.

As complex individuals, it’s beneficial for us to have a change every once in a while. We go on a vacation to rest and regenerate. Maybe we go to the beach or the mountains. Often, we go to places that have different geographic features than the area we usually live in. And almost always we feel happy to come back home again.

Does that make us wishy-washy? No. That makes us complex human beings. Quite often getting away from the place we love allows us to enjoy something different. Because of the break in our routine, we get to rest and enjoy other activities. And, after a short time, we come back to where we call home. Rested because of the break in routine. And, with new insights and appreciations as to why we live where we do, and the benefits we find in our home.

As our summer gets underway, we need to think of our getaway. Whether we look at the beach, the mountains, the big cities, or the streams a few days somewhere else can help to make our lives enriched and happier for the experience.

We’ll talk to you again tomorrow. Until then have a great day.

Informal Sharing of Ideas

I have a secret for you. It is a way to get more ideas, more action accomplished, and better work for, and from your company. First, I have to tell you something I learned over 30 years ago.

When I was an airman, we would notice that the Chief Master Sgt. or the Master Sergeant would disappear for a couple hours around noon each day. They go to the gym to work out. In one Squadron the top three liked to go play golf one day a week in the afternoon. The joke amongst us airman was it must be nice to be in charge and able to take that much time off to go play.

When I became a master sergeant, I also worked with people usually through the lunch hour. And then I wanted to give an excellent example to the airman who worked for me. So I started to go to the gym during lunch, I would either do a 3-mile walk, or ride on the stationary bike or do other aerobics at the gym and sit in the sauna for a few minutes, take a shower and go back to work.

While in the sauna my Chief Master Sgt., and the units First Sgt. would show up from their work out. And they would sit there and discuss how the unit was doing. What was given airman grief, and how they could help change things to make the unit more efficient and a better place to work at.

I was actually amazed because over time I could see their ideas coming to fruition, and working for the betterment of everyone within the unit. I had always thought that to come up with ideas like this and put them into action there had to be meetings and conferences and a lot of time involved. Not so.

I learned that work could be done by playing golf for an afternoon with the right people. Being able to drop a comment into the right ear. Or, just being able to work with others in an informal atmosphere that fosters the sharing of good ideas.

My co-working office downtown held a parking lot party last night. Some of the members formed a band and played a bunch of songs. And they were pretty good. The coworkers brought their families, there were games for every age group, and everyone had fun. And through it all, I was able to meet new workers, and I saw those sparks of ideas being shared.

When I talk about the little things in life that we don’t think of as productive and yet are so vital, social interaction has to play high up on the list.

We hope you have a fantastic weekend, will talk to you again next week.

Give it to Someone Organized

It is another beautiful day here in Colorado Springs, not too hot, not too cold, and not too many clouds.

They say, “If you need something done, give it to somebody who’s busy.” What they are really saying is, “If you really want something done give it to someone organized.” The difference between organization and being unorganized is the difference between getting something done, and not knowing where you even put the request.

Please don’t look to me as the perfect person who is preaching to everyone else. Nine times out of 10 I fall into the latter part of the above difference. Not because I am a terrible person. I’m not blowing you off. I’m not acting passive aggressive. I just like to do a lot. Unfortunately, being organized is not one of those things I love to do, nor am I good at it.

I must’ve missed the lecture in school. The one that taught us to make everything else easy keep working at the hard things. Especially, if the hard stuff is organization. And yet, there is good news, you are never too old to learn new skills and ideas.

For years I told people who I worked with, to make sure they see me write down what they are asking me to do. I explained to them I had a mind like a steel trap. That poor thing was permanently rusted shut. And, I did write down the requests I was given. I found I needed one more solution to one more problem.

I would write down the requests that people gave me on anything I was carrying with me at the time. Anybody see the problem I was running into? Yeah, that’s right, I would have notes all over the place, and either not know where they belonged, or they were super cryptic because I was writing too fast. Okay, I needed an organized system.

My system came in the form of a small spiral notebook put out by Cambridge who is a subsidiary of Mead.  It has pages lined on one side and graph paper on the other. I go through between five and six a year.

My system is to write down who is requesting, what they need, and when they need it by, any relevant notes and names of anyone else involved who I should work with. If these people are off-site, I need their phone numbers and/or email addresses.

Does this mean I never missed a deadline and never miss something I should be doing? No. It does give me a better chance to get whatever it is done in an efficient and timely manner.

Have a great day, and please feel free to ask questions at any time.

We are here to learn.

Good Morning.

One thing I must say to everyone, and this is important.  I have learned that we have been placed on Earth, not to judge, or be judged.  We are here to learn.  We are here to learn what we can, and to pass our abilities and knowledge on to others who will go on to do even greater things with that which we have left them.  Judging and accusations only get in the way. 

It is essential that we realize this and work to learn and grow.

For anyone whom I may have judged, been critical of, or unfair with or anyone who feels I have been critical of or unjust to them, I sincerely apologize and promise to endeavor to do better. 

Mike Balof, Life Coach

Your Tools

There is new and fantastic software, both free and paid, out on the market today. It is much better than what we had a year ago. And probably, it’s nowhere near as good as the new software that’ll be out six months from now. Thus the rush, to have the latest and the best. We do this because we believe having the newest and the best will put us at the forefront and make what we offer and sell both the most original and the best.

Unfortunately, the idea of buying the best makes us the best is a fallacy. In our minds, we know this. And yet, the shininess of the new tool that does everything for you and the slick sales pitch always plays with the mind.

Imagine two competitors for a carpentry job. The first competitor is just out of school and has the newest all-in-one power tool that will do absolutely anything. And yet, the young man has not really built very much by hand.

The second competitor. Is an older gentleman with a dusty toolbox containing a handsaw, a hand drill, a T-square, and a worn hammer. All these tools were given to him by his father. The older man has built cabinets, tables, chairs and other projects every week since he was 13.

You need new cabinets built for your kitchen. Knowing what you know about these two carpenters, who do you give the job to?

You do not need to have the newest of everything. What you need is the working knowledge of and expertise in your craft and trade.

Please comment on this and let me know what you think. And have a good day. We will talk to you again tomorrow.