Take Care

There’s a member of the team that usually gets overlooked. And yet, if you don’t take care of that member, the business will never get to the place it could be. That member is the person in the mirror.

We are always taking care of others. We tell them when they’ve done well. When they mess something up and feel bad about it, we are there to make them realize everyone makes mistakes and encourage them to do better. When we see somebody struggling too long, we encourage them to take a break or come back to it in the morning if the hours late.

Quite often, we forget to do these things for that person in the mirror. Wait a minute, isn’t that person in the mirror ourselves?

If we do all this good for all these other people and help them make their goals, shouldn’t we do that for ourselves? It is not selfish, petty, or childish for us to take care of ourselves. It is necessary because if we go down, how can our company stand?

Self-care and self-compassion are vital to everyone in every organization. It is as essential as anything we accomplish.

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