Being A Leader

We have been talking about various actions you can take. Those things that you do which actually help yourself when you are out there helping others. There’s one thing important which we do have to talk about. We need to talk about the reality that thinking about something does not get it done. You actually have to go out there and do it.

I once worked for a wonderful lady who came up with brilliant ideas. She would come up with a great idea and assign it to someone. Then, she would walk around for the rest of the day saying, “Execute. Execute. Execute.” in a loud voice. It used to drive us crazy.

Having a good idea is great. Unfortunately, if you have a great idea, you cannot just force it on some unsuspecting underling and tell them to get it done. Halfhearted attempts have a tendency to die on the vine. You can no better push somebody to do something then you can get behind a rope and try to push it somewhere. You need to lead people like you pull the rope. Fruitful actions happen best when leaders are out in front.

Here’s the secret, we all seem to have a leader buried inside us somewhere. The leader within you may be embedded in there deep. A leader may not really recognize themselves as a leader until an emotion kicks in, caused by an idea that you realize will make a positive difference in how something happens for people.  Some leaders have no idea about their abilities until they are actually out front making something good happen.  Yet the talent is always there, waiting until needed.

When the leader appears, remember that questions show interest and ideas should always be considered.  These show that people are interested and want to make a good idea better.  Be kind and encourage, and understand that not every thought will add what is needed.  Still, thank the person for thinking of it and let people know that every idea is considered.

And every leader must take care of those they lead.  One person does not change much.  A team of people, working together, with a leader can change the world.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again soon.

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