And Yet It Continues

When I started this series on Monday, I was focusing on shootings and violence in America. Attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand, which happened overnight prove once again no one on earth is spared from this heinous violence. I am very saddened by these acts and pray for all affected by this outrageous and undeserved massacre in such a peaceful and loving nation.

From space, there are no borders. We are one world, and one people. We do not live in domes separated from everybody else, and what happens anywhere in our world tends to have an effect on all of us. We do not deserve these attacks. We cannot blindly accept these attacks, wherever they happen, blindly, believing that that is just a new way of life.

All people are precious. All people have a right to exist. And no people should have to tolerate being preyed upon by evil, no matter what shape it takes, or what superficial reasons are given. This is not a pipe dream. This is something that is fundamental to the core of every living being on earth.

The work to subdue lethal violence will not be easy. There are many hard obstacles to overcome. And yet look at everything the world has done in the last 5,000 years. Look at how far we have come as a people and what we have learned to do. We can overcome this and learn to coexist peacefully. We just need to set it as a significant priority.

Destruction like the one last night in Christchurch, the devastating attacks in Paris, the Canadian Parliament, in England, in Spain, in New York, and the Pentagon and everywhere else in the world cannot go on. Innocent people going about their daily routines should never be turned into targets of opportunity for madmen and empire seekers using the innocents in a vain attempt to garner attention for their misguided plans.

All it takes is enough of those innocent people to get together and say no. Refuse to accept the commonplace, and refuse to give in, and something will have to change.

This one-week thought process on the subject of violence is not the end of my work. It is merely the very beginning. I am looking for a way we can have a discussion on this and maybe share ideas and thoughts. Each person stands as one. Together we stand as many, the more we have, the better to share thoughts and make positive inroads to making lasting changes for the good of all. Not to take anything over. Not to proclaim ourselves as the way. Just to stand there together and help shine a light on positive changes that can help the entire world.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.