To-Do Time

It is the quiet days. The ones where everybody is out, doing other things. This calm is the time you can really get things done.  We have this time to think, to plan, and to make end-roads in our most daunting projects. 

This quiet time is the real-time of productivity.  It is good to have this time to invest in our work.  We should not squander such a gift when it is presented to us.  These quiet periods of mass productivity come seldom enough as it is.

This is the time for which you keep your lists.  If you only had an hour or two?  Thirty minutes is time enough to get something started, and other things complete.  Everyone manages money.  The smart folks manage time.

How do you manage your time?  Be smart about what you do, and when you find a suitable target of opportunity, pull out your list of things that should be done, yet have no established timeframe and see what you can do. Work to complete the ones you think that you can do in a limited time.  Also, do those you are worried you may fall behind on.

 Where do you find this elusive time? It is there waiting for you.  You will see it when you show up to the office thirty minutes early.  It will be waiting for you someday when most of the staff is out doing something else.  It may happen just as a fluke.  Trust me, if you look around, you will find some time either hiding in a corner or being used by another task that just does not need it.

Just keep your list of the things you have to do when you get time handy.  Then when you see an opportunity, work on something from that list.  You will be amazed at everything you will be able to get done.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Technology Timesavers

Technology is a fantastic thing. The time it saves us, allowing us to work at a higher level of proficiency, helps to make even newer and more complex timesavers possible. And yet, as with all things new, to get the best use we need to take the time to learn and understand the new tool.

I know that my own blog writing skills have been enhanced tremendously through the use of computerized dictation systems. At first, they were very costly, and now they come is a standard part of Microsoft Word. They allow me to build my stories and blogs faster and saves me over 80% of the time I would spend typing those words.

I have an excellent spelling, grammar and plagiarism checker which allows me to ensure that I have spelled the words correctly and used proper grammar.  It verifies that I have not accidentally plagiarized someone else’s work. It does its job with speed and accuracy that allows me to write with confidence. The whole process of editing a blog takes mere minutes.

To ensure everything reads and sounds correct, word has provided a read aloud button that will read the work back to me. It even gives me a choice of three voices with which I can listen to the writing. 

I wish I would’ve had this when I was working on my Masters in adult education. The time it would have saved me in reading, writing and research would have been remarkable. What this technology does, is allow the user to concentrate on what they are doing.

Whether it is writing a book, learning something new, sharing with friends, or other activities the technologies ensure a correct and positive experience for the audience. The technology also gives freedom to the author to focus on the subject being explored while minimizing the concerns of technical presentation.

Thanks for being with us today and I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


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