Perfect Morning

It is a refreshing and pleasant day this morning, which is an excellent relief from last weeks Weather. We could use more perfect mornings like this.

Trying to find perfection in anything you do is an almost impossible task. Striving for perfection is the best that most of us can hope to accomplish. And yet, it is the striving which is essential.

Sometimes, the harder we work, the further from our goals we end up. I don’t think this is because we get sloppier. I believe we end up further from our goals because we begin to realize the undertaking. Because to do something and do it absolutely perfect, with absolutely no errors, is an undertaking that is very uncommon for the mere mortal. Don’t get me wrong, we all strive for our version of perfection. We just often do not realize that in a multi-dimensional universe, where something is good for one group, and at the same time terrible for another, we have to live with the idea of tradeoffs.

The harder we try to do good for some people, the harder it is not to interfere with others. The people interfered with may not benefit as well and may even be hurt by the intended rewards of our work.

Does this mean we do not try?  No.  It shows we need to understand the entire scope of what we would strive to perfect.  If we work towards a goal, make it a target with the most good.  Not for us, for those affected by our actions.

Hope you have a perfect day.

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