What does a hospital administrator who wants to chuck everything and run a horse ranch, an entrepreneur who is not getting what he wants out of business and is ready to quit, and a retired Adult educator and trainer who lays around all have in common? They are all burnt out. They are stuck in a situation they hate.  And they want to move on, and find something that they were looking for when they started their journeys.

No, they did not crack. Each did not lose the will to pursue their dreams. They did not give up. They merely got buried by the minutia of the job. I know. I have been there. Heck, I am one of the three listed above.

All three need to stop and think for a moment and take three deep breaths. It sounds like a cliché because so many people say it. They say it because it is true. Before acting, take some deep breaths. It puts some oxygen into your system and helps you to think.

The problem these three are facing will not be solved by doing what they are considering. Trading a hospital for a horse ranch will not do you much good. You still have labor costs and problem patients who are poor communicators, people who demand the world from you and do not want to pay for it. And every other problem that you can imagine. The government red tape for one is nearly as bad as the red tape needed for the other.

The entrepreneur has been running his business for four years. And although he loved it when he started, he is now buried under whatever red tape is left over and not used for the hospital and the horse ranch. The retired adult educator just traded the job he loved to go home and vacuum, and clean, and dust, and wash dishes, and mop floors, and cut the yard, and for the first few months, it was fun. Now it is just a burden because this stuff must happen weekly. Every week. The only thing he gets to talk to is the TV set and the radio. If he’s going to survive more than the two-year average after retirement, he’s going to need to do something to save his life.

All three did not plan to get into this mess. Burn-out is a side effect of focusing on minutia and ignoring the positives. Burn-out is also easy to cure.

I know. I have lived this myself and was able to dig myself out of my rut. If you are stuck there now, I can help you. I am willing to jump in the hole with you because I have found a way out.

When you find yourself in this predicament, Email, or call me, I am willing to help. No matter where you on our blue planet, we can work together through Zoom.com.


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Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Am I the Cause of Me?

We all have some concerns and angst in our life, no matter how much or little it is.  Often, we find an out for our troubles by blaming them on one thing or another.  In taking an advanced course on life coaching, I had a training that helped me to see things a little differently.

Am I worried, concerned or afraid of doing something, or am I avoiding it because of the worry, concern, or fear of not getting it done? Actually, it’s a fair question. We all like to procrastinate to some extent. Yet, why do we continue to do so when not getting whatever was needed to be done is giving us grief? Not getting some things done can cause us not only fear, angst, and consternation, it can also cost us in penalty fees for a missed bill, loss of prestige for a late report, or even a ticket warning for a messy yard.

It takes less time to do whatever needs to be done up front. It’s not hard to keep up on what is required and when. A to-do list looked at daily allows for a quick reminder. For those who are very organized a calendar that clearly shows what to do when. And for the super organized, a set of folders for days of the week, where the bills and envelopes are kept ready to be filled out and mailed off or taken care of on the computer.

We all have things that show up unexpectedly and are more important than what we need to get done. None of those things, though, include video games, television or goofing off. Maybe you can set aside a few minutes of the morning to go over what you really need to get done that day and establish a plan.

I have heard that there is even added help for feeling better when you complete things. When you complete something be sure to check it off your list. I have heard it said that when you check something off your list endorphins are released in the brain, helping you to feel better for your actions.

We are human. We do make mistakes. No one is perfect. And yet, with the simple list, or calendar, or a set of file folders, we can accomplish what needs to be done, and we can also feel so much better for doing so. All we need to do is start to act. It’s as easy as placing one foot in front of another.

Looks like it is time to go and release some endorphins.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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