Believe In Your Work

If you’re going to do anything, you have to believe. You have to trust that you can learn to accomplish what you set out to do. You have to think it’s all right to make a mistake, or two, or three, or a dozen times, or even a gross of times. I believe it was Albert Einstein who said, “If you haven’t made a mistake you’ve never tried anything new.” All of this starts with someone believing in possibilities.

If you really, honestly, truly believe you can, then no one can stop you. If you really, honestly, think that you cannot, then you’re probably right. If it has to be done and you have no faith in your ability, then possibly you should turn the project over to someone who believes they can.

It is okay to be nervous, or scared, or panicky as you try something new. This is part of being human. And despite your best efforts, you have to realize that the first time you do, it will not be the apex of your creative goals. There will be lows and highs, setbacks and insights, failures and breakthroughs. Exactly how many times did Thomas Edison test different elements for the lightbulb? I am not sure, but the number 76 seems to stick in my mind.

If you are interested enough to do the work to get it right, you will eventually succeed. Just never give up trying. Never let others talk you out of your successes because of their lack of faith. Keep your faith and keep it close to you.

Realize what success will do for you, and realize what the success of your project can do to positively affect others. Never give up, never given, and never give out. Stay your course of what you know is right and always push towards the next goal.

I know you’re busy right now, and I don’t want to beat this point to death. If you pass a mirror along your way and see your reflection, tell yourself you are doing well and yes you will be okay.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


America has an exciting history. She came from an oppressed society and has grown to be the number one country on the planet. As a republic, it stands as a shining beacon of what other countries may hope to be someday. And like all democracies, America faces growing pains as we face the 250-year mark.

Not all democracies last much longer than 250 years. It depends on the upkeep and care that is given to the country. And, how the nation is used. The second law of thermodynamics is that everything will deteriorate. If we want our democracy to last, we will need to put some work into maintaining America.

Think of America as it started out as a family with a horse. As America grew we added sailing boats, and paddle wheelers. Before you knew it along came the Model T Ford and the Stutz Bearcat. We learned how to fly, dropped our ideas of isolation. And now, we work in outer space. And yet as we go along, we sometimes forget to maintain the system which got us to this point.

You have seen me write more than once about having things and having real estate is nice. But the important things are the people, their thoughts and ideas, and their dreams. Things don’t make a country great. People do.

 Today, it looks as though America is starting to think less about what made us great. It seems as though we have fallen into a rut of name-calling and finger-pointing. If we are going to move past the 250-year mark and go on to survive and grow as a nation, we are going to have to stop finger-pointing and learn to work together.

The only way I know to do this is to stop blaming others and start looking inside to see what we can do better. We can do it. What we face now we have encountered before. And, we did not overcome it by beating the other side down. Instead, we learned to work together. We learn to talk and compromise. We learned that when we came to these’s shores, we set aside our common differences to forge one nation of a pluralistic society with the rights to our own race, color, creed, genders, and abilities.

Today, we are fortunate to have America in the good things that America does. If we want to keep it that way each person who lives here has an obligation to help shine her up and keep all the parts running smoothly.  We do so in honor to those who have come before us and as a duty and a hope for those who come after us.

Thank you for being with me today, I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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