Get Your Toys and Go Home

International trade is good between countries. As long as the countries have an equal give-and-take, and each lives up to their part of the bargain, foreign trade helps to stabilize economies and stave off hostilities. When both countries are making economic gains based on their trade relations, who would want to rock the boat by sanctions or worse, conflict?

The mere fact of international trade helps to spur an economy with a lower unemployment rate. And, those who trade together may find benefit in other areas. They might work together towards regional or global peace, better financial solvency, world health, and other issues essential to the well-being of all.

Because all countries have their own frailties, just as all humans have their imperfections, sometimes there is a tug-of-war to see which countries can do better than others. This seems to be the time when feathers get ruffled, feelings get hurt, and tariffs rise. There are smarter ways to do this.

A dispute between countries is probably best handled as wise parents stop a spat between two seven-year-old friends. Smart parents tell the young friends to take their toys and go home. The parents know they will be back tomorrow and friends once more.

I know there is more to it than just taking the toys and going home. And, I do not mean to oversimplify international trade. Yet, if we’re to the point of name-calling and finger-pointing and tariffs and threats, why don’t we take our toys and go home. We have proven that we can build anything in our country that can be made in another. Many of the things constructed overseas started off being built in a home country, then outsourced. Building items at home allow the domestic workforce to thrive and grow and gives the people of a country confident feeling of being able to support themselves.

Of course, I imagine the loss of trade will have a downside or two. It may be feeling those downsides that make each country appreciate the other even more. There are pluses and minuses in everything that we do. We do not have to take a loss. Just think of what it would mean for a world of countries to prosper and grow by working together.

Just the thought of one mean old Master Sergeant

Thank you for being with me

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