Stuck Where You Are

It is snowing again.  It started early last evening and was only supposed to be flurries.  It snowed all night, on top of the snow we had two days earlier, and it is still snowing now with the expectation of one to four more inches by tonight.  So here I am stuck, not able to get to my office for the second day this week.

We all find ourselves stuck sometimes.  We cannot seem to be where we think we should.  We feel that we are being held back, or we find ourselves buried in all the extraneous actions we must complete when following our passions.

Yet, in most things, there really is a purpose. If we take a little time to actually examine everything, we may find ways to actually make more positive strides to where we want to be and what we want to accomplish.  Sometimes a delay or a sideroad happens to allow us a moment of reflection that shows a new way to a better outcome. 

It is up to us to use these moments of serendipity to look around and study where we are and how we can best take our next steps to where we want to be.  We hold the action of pangs, purpose, or procrastination.  And we alone can decide which road we walk to find our goals.

When you find yourself sidetracked or in a rut, you must look for the way back to your main path in life.  You do not have to do it alone.  There are always friends and professionals there to point the way.  Keep moving in a positive direction, ask for help as needed, and keep your faith in what you are doing.

I believe the most significant part of succeeding is seeking.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again soon. 

Taking Time to Help Others

One thing we have in common with others is a sense of empathy. It is something that every person has, whether they’re willing to admit it or not. And on occasion, we find an overwhelming desire to help.

We see people helping by donating monies to telethons. We see people giving even more valuable commodities such as time to work with, or for, those in need. I sincerely encourage everyone who feels the empathy and desires to help, to find a way that is best for them to do so.

I would not recommend selling everything, putting on sackcloth, and living in the street. That would not do much to help others and would make this person who does so destitute themselves. There are much better ways to help others.

To help others, could be to tend to their needs by donating usable items you no longer use instead of sending them to the landfill. Giving a few hours to talk and work with those less fortunate is even better. For someone who is stuck in a problem,  not finding his or her way out, just being able to talk to another human and work out a few concerns would be a wonderful gift.

As much as anyone would desire to, we cannot solve all the woes of others within the world. And yet we can do something. If you help two people, and they go out and help two people each, and the trend continues, think of how many people could be helped. And, with that many people being helped, think of how much better those in our world would be.

Just one person’s thoughts.

Thank you for reading. I hope to be here again tomorrow.

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