Good Things Are Coming

The days are growing shorter, and time has to be adjusted to enjoy the sun. We have no snow yet in our drought country and can hardly wait for that covering of white. Yet, we find ways to have a little fun and be a little bit productive.

Good things are coming our way, yet nothing happens without some hard work. Even Christmas requires a Black Friday to precede it, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s a Cyber Monday thrown in there also.

It seems the elves at Reveille.Rocks are working a little overtime. There will definitely be a book, and hopefully, a course ready for Santa’s helpers to place under the tree for somebody looking for a new job.

I don’t want to spoil the fun. I’m just here to say, please keep your eyes open because good things always abound in a season of miracles.

Who do you know that could use a little joy and help this season?

Just an Idea

Just an Idea

Remember, Mr. Newman, who never thought he had to worry?  Is that the same for you?  This year seems to be stretching our boundaries a little for all of us. 

If you find yourself a little off balance with all that has gone on lately, I need to assure everyone that you are not alone.  Sometimes it is excellent to safely get together and talk about what worries us and how we can deal with all the different things coming our way.

If you would be interested in a meeting on Zoom with others who are thinking the same way, please click the like button.  It helps me to know that the need is there.  If there is a need, we can work on the answers together.


We Strive To Do Our Best

None of us are absolutely perfect.  We try, and we often want to believe we are the best we can be, and yet it is almost impossible to hit the mark.  We must remember that we are not perfect every time in every way.  So what do we do? 

For me, it is striving to do my best and to keep the things I do real.  I cannot pretend to be the best.  There is always someone better and someone worse.  I just need to be the best ‘real me’ that I can.  This means I have to work in the real world to do so.

Many of us like to hide in our thoughts, where we think we are doing fantastic.  That may be true in our fantasies, we need to live in the real world. Remember, nothing lives in a pure vacuum.  If it only happens in your mind, it never really happens.

You can formulate an idea in your mind and bring it to life in the real world.  Any thought, like everything else in our world, must be shared to thrive. Without sharing, things do not get nourishment, moisture, heat, and other essentials needed to survive.

Will all ideas survive the real world? No. Thoughts are like everything else that has faced the harsh truth of natural selection.  Everything has to adapt to stay in the world.  If your ideas can adapt and overcome adversity, they may do very well an even be a marked improvement in our culture.  If they cannot, they may not survive.  The only way to know is to set them out in the real world and see what happens.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Be A Farmer

We all have quality ideas from time to time that could make a significant difference, large or small, in the quality of life that others may enjoy. We may not realize how needed are ideas are to help others. Yet, we must get them out where either we or others, can find them and possibly bring joy to life. The problem with keeping a good idea bottled up is that it has a limited shelf life. To counter the limited lifespan of a concept, we need to learn to act like farmers.

Farmers are responsible for helping things grow. They don’t do this by keeping the seed bottled up in the silo. Farmers plant seeds. They give nutrition of the soil for the seeds, and water. And as the plants grow, the farmers tend to them, removing weeds and harvesting when the crop is ripe. Seeds are sometimes blown by the wind, or maybe carried by animals or birds to other more favorable spots, and thus migrate from one area to many others.

Ideas are a lot like seeds. Ideas need nourishment to grow. A thought will never grow to fruition if it’s bottled up and kept in the dark of one person’s head. Ideas, like any other seed, need to be brought out into the light. The seeds of thought need to be shared with others, just as the fruit of this knowledge will be. After all, an idea that does something good for you will also most probably do good for others.

Don’t let one or two thunderclouds of discontent slow you down. Farmers grow abundant grain crops, yet not everybody likes oatmeal. Remember to focus your ideas, not to everyone, just to those who would make good use of the thoughts you have.

There is a secondary benefit to you. When the first idea goes out into the world and produces benefits for those who use it, you find yourself with room for another idea to germinate into a seed that you can then go plant.

I advise, go be a farmer. Plant the seeds of ideas wherever you can. You never know what may grow or how well it will help others.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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