Ever start to do a small project? Write a book, build a course, coach a few people? And all of a sudden, you find yourself in a tsunami of more people who offer you help at a cost than you have ever thought existed.

Everybody means well, and everyone wants to help. As with most things these days, there is always a price. What do you do with all these people who want to sell you something? They mean well, and many of them are doing what you are working on, building a sound and viable product that will help others, and then finding people to buy it.

The answer is simple. The emails you get come from people, people running businesses, and they also need help in areas you might be great doing. You need to stop looking at everybody who writes you as someone who wants your money and start looking at them as someone who would be willing to pay you to help them do better.

Stop looking at others as someone who looks to squeeze you out of some money. Start looking at them as someone you can work with to a mutual benefit where you both succeed and grow.

The next time someone writes you offering a service, how will you help them become a paid partnership where both of you succeed?

Be True to You

 This week we are talking about things that get in our way and what we may consider doing about it. I have heard it said, ‘life is what happens when you’re waiting for a bus.’ And I suppose that’s true. We seem to be waiting for something, to go and do something, and in the meantime, our life happens all around us. My question is, why am I just waiting? Why am I not giving up on the bus and just going out and starting to do something?

Life seems to give us friends, family, and other helpers whose main job obviously rotates around keeping us in our place. These people sometimes seem to be zealots at performing their tasks of holding us back. We have a love for others in our hearts and ideas that can help people, why would we ever want to keep our ideas and projects from those who could positively use them.

I remember a family member who counseled me on not sending my oldest son to a large school or university. I was always told that community college would be good enough for him.  I shielded him from the advice of this family member and encouraged him anyway. He received his bachelor’s from Colorado College and his doctorate from Dartmouth. Upon receiving his doctorate, the family member looked at me and said,’ Who knew?’

There is a considerable danger in letting others write or decide your path into the future. They do not know what you are truly capable of, and do not know your desires and abilities to help others. After all, each of us has good within us and gifts to share with the world. Imagine what great things will happen when you go to work on your projects and better the world and the lives of others.

I am not saying go off on a wild goose chase, and do not lock yourself off from everybody. Work with others. You have an idea of what could be, and you could build something bright and shiny and new. Yet, if you do not work with others, you never find out what they really need and really want. Many great inventions have failed and now litter the path to the future because the inventors did not take into account what the people who would use those inventions wanted or needed. If you look at the great entrepreneurs and visionaries we have today, you will see that they all take stock in the people around them. They listen to others.

I hope you take time to understand that the naysayers mean you well even though they are often misguided. And I hope that you build positive friendships with those who encourage you and can offer sound advice. Each of us has talents, and I encourage you to find the ones that help you to positively engage and help others.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.