Working New Methods

I am now building three courses on Thinkific where I am designing them and, eventually, on Udemy.  This time I have changed how I’m doing things a little bit. This time I am listening to the experts and using their advice.

I have tried this in the past and have not gotten very far. I can’t blame those who offered me suggestions, only myself, for not following the excellent information I had received. This time is different; I will pay attention, be a good student, and hopefully succeed.

I am dedicating a whole month to doing this. With the advice of the professionals, diligent planning, and executing specific courses to provide specific help, we will hopefully end with positive growth in students.

If you have ever been so excited to do something that you ignore the professionals and jumped right in, how did that turn out?

Failure Is Seldom an Option

Failure is seldom an option.  Yet, it does happen. 

As you start a new position, you need to learn that job and all the ins and outs that go with it. You need to start some projects and actually see them through to fruition. It is good to know what success feels like and how to handle success.

You also need to know what it feels like to fail. You need to know how to pick yourself back up and move on.  You need to either try again and succeed or understand why the failure occurred and how to avoid the failure next time.

The lower you are on the ladder when you fail, the less painful failure will be. The higher you are on the ladder when you fail the far more painful failure will be for both you and others affected.

The better you understand your job, the better you will be.

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