Give More Than the Client Expects

I remember once when I worked in an office where I had to occasionally change out the toner in our copier system. Every time I would open the new box of toner, there was a piece of candy inside along with a note reminding me to put the old toner cartridge in the box and send it back. I always thought it was pretty neat when they gave me a piece of candy for doing it. As a worker, I appreciated the thought.

A piece of penny candy is a little thing. Yet knowing that a reward is in the box when you’re going to do the task anyway, breeds a little excitement and joy. And it is absolutely a fantastic marketing ploy which helps people to remember that brand of toner.

When you give more than the client expects, it doesn’t have to be extensive or costly. Quite often it’s the little things that people remember. Especially those actions a business doesn’t need to provide; and yet, goes out of their way to do so. Something to think about might be what you could do over and above for your customers? What might they enjoy? What might help them to remember you a little bit better?

In our internet age, it feels as though there is always somebody trying to take our business. With claims to build a little bit better, a little bit cheaper, or a little bit faster, brand loyalty has to count for something, and what you are really selling is the reason to stay loyal to your brand. Clients will stay because they know you are giving them deliverables that are over and above what is needed.

I have seen people go from one company to another for as low as 25 cents more per hour. Making them more susceptible to new layoffs. They wanted fast money and forgot about brand loyalty. I have known many people to do this and then end up unemployed.

Think of your brand, think of your product, and consider your customer. What could you do to foster better brand loyalty? Nothing that breaks the bank, and nothing that would cause significant upheaval. Just something that allows the customer to think of you and brand loyalty.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

The Holiday Spirit

This time of year, many major religions celebrate the feasts of giving. It is in our nature to share what we have with others. It helps us to share our joy with others and allows them to take part in our bounty.

When we share what we have, we do honor to them, and we honor ourselves. We can always give a present, exchange a couple of kind words, and be on our way. Yet there is actually much more we can do.

We can share the gift of time and understanding with others we know. We can take time to this it with them, talk with them, and learn new things about them. In exchange, they get to do the same with us. In this type of holiday gift, everyone involved finds positive energy and uplifting joy.

Sharing this gift with those in your circle, the people you know and care for, is a great gift. And yet there is an even greater side to this. When you step out and share this with others whom you don’t know, maybe some who were a little less fortunate than yourself, then, everything you offer seems to come back to you. And, you will find it shaken down and flowing over.

I know that sharing with others you are not acquainted with is something that sounds hard, and yet these actions can be some of the most rewarding to both yourself and the others involved. One thing I would recommend is the fact that we do not have to do this only during certain times of the year. We can take any time to reach out and share with another. True, it is more expected during the holidays, yet it is something that is appreciated and cherished any time.

Like everything else I suggest start off with small doses and test it out. This is something you have to try for yourself, not just take my word on. If you do so, please let me know how it went.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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