Golden Blessings

It is a great day. We have snow on the ground, which means we have moisture for the Spring. Hopefully, the water from the snow will keep our fire season at Bay during the summer. And it may even help me have a better garden this year with the trees and the ground getting the moisture now.  

We need to find ways to be thankful for the things that we have and receive in life. Nothing is ever truly guaranteed, and we should find positive ways to look at and use that which does come to us. Because honestly, there is a blessing within everything.

Of course, we’re all thinking creatures able to find good and bad in anything. We need to be able to spot the good and accept it. Anyone can gripe about anything.  

If we apply a little more thought and willpower, we can find hidden treasures within what we are handed. We can see and use real gems of ideas and knowledge which the ordinary person could just ignore. They would, unfortunately, lose the golden gift within their complaints.

Have you found any golden blessings lately in something that others are complaining about?

Finding the Good in Us All

It is important to remember that no matter how much we like or how much we do not care for someone, there is good and bad within all of us. Just because we do not like the way someone does something, it does not mean that another person has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Many times, we are swayed by popular thought or even isolated instances. We need to remember to take a look at the whole picture, not just the bits and pieces which suit our point of view.

Just because our customs are different, our thoughts are different, maybe our religion is different, does not make other people better or worse. Some things, such as whether or not you open your eggs from the top or the bottom, are just not worth going to war over. And it does take wise men and women to understand this.

The important thing, especially in a democracy, is that we can bypass each other’s faults, and find the good that is hard at work within each other. We need to know that together, we help humanity to grow and strive to make the lives of those around us better.  We do this because we are only able to improve if we do so as a member of humanity.

I was especially Proud of Beto O’Rouke yesterday. He was asked if he could say a good thing about the President.  He thought for just a moment and said there was. 

This came after months of Democrats bashing the President and his colleagues in the Senate and treating them terribly when they came to the hill to testify. The question, itself could have been a lead into more bashing of the presidential party. Mr. O’Rouke was better than that, and he showed that on national television.

When asked, he said that he did have a good thing to say about the president. And, Beto talked about a real need in our country to help veterans with mental health needs and trying to prevent the high rate of suicides amongst veterans. He worked with colleagues from both parties, and after crafting the bill, it was signed by the president.

I find this to be an excellent demonstration of how we can work together and even bring opposing viewpoints together for the common good. We need to remember that we are not a country of one party or another. We are an accumulation of all of our citizens across our nation.

Have a happy Memorial Day.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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