Where Does All the Time Go

We think we are busy, and we are doing things. We believe we are making progress. Check on yourself. Once an hour, stop and ask, “what did I do for the last hour.” If you can show an hour’s worth of work, you are doing great. If not, it is time to take a more in-depth look.

Time does not have the ability to sneak away. Time is just there. Our brain, on the other hand, can very quickly deviate from the tasks we are trying to accomplish and move on to other thoughts. We are working hard, and the brain starts to drift off track into ‘what ifs,’ mine games, ‘who’da-thunk’ thoughts, and many other dark avenues. The mind stays just enough on the topic to make us think everything is fine; when actually, we are leaking the productivity of valuable time at a tremendous rate.

Even worse, the body is losing precious energy doing so. The brain can eat more calories than any race you will ever run.  Keeping all the synapses firing and the electricity flowing to come up with all those thoughts is draining. Concentrating will help you stay on task and will probably save you a significant amount of energy along the way.

These are just things to think of as you work. Yes, I know, one more thing for us to burn energy over.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.


We find ourselves as creatures of habit. We can go to our kitchen and without thinking go to the silverware drawer or make a cup of coffee when we are still half asleep. Change the layout, and five years later, unless you’re really thinking about it, you will occasionally go back to the original place the silverware was initially kept. I know, it’s been nine years since we’ve rearranged the kitchen and I still occasionally go to the wrong drawer.

Many of us use the computer. And many do quite well using laptops or tablets. Even someone who can write in HTML 5, design courses and write blogs and write books might have problems when asked to do something simple that they don’t usually do. Exactly how do you copy and repost on Facebook? Yep, that was me also.

It seems as though I have two paths in front of me. I could go back to bed and go back to sleep hoping to awaken and start today over again. Or, I can wake up and do something about the problems.

Although sleep always beckons like a good friend, soft pillows and warm blankets and rest for the weary, you know me, I have to wake up and do something about it. I need to work on my mindfulness. Mindfulness is making sure your mental acuity is there. You’re awake, you know what’s going on. Mindfulness is staying on top of your game and not running on preprogrammed memory.

I am just learning new ways mindfulness helps. Yet from what I see, this is really what I need. The Veterans Administration has an excellent app for the cell phone, and it is free. If you are of the mind, I highly suggest you try it out. There are also some excellent classes out there on mindfulness.

If you’re interested and cannot find the information you are looking for on mindfulness, please write me. I would be glad to help by sending you some materials. Also, write me if you’d like to talk about it. I can arrange to give you a 20-minute phone call to discuss mindfulness.  My email address is mikeb@reveille.rocks.

Thank you for being with me today.  I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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