Process Control

I am tired of needing to fight so hard for each thing I accomplish. If it is not the computer acting up and taking out half my day while I fix it, it is the shock that something or someone has been billing me for something that I did not know I owed. It seems as though every workday brings a new surprise in a new adventure. I like good surprises and fun adventures, but I’m out to curtail what I have been facing lately.

A Wise person informed me that I need to control and manage my systems and my processes as a business. It was pointed out that any company is not about driving people. It is about controlling and managing systems and processes. Business is made of systems and processes which will work every time, just as the time before if we are managing them right.

My new goal is to verify each of my processes and ensure each of the systems has viable processes needed in place. If I can do this, I can see how I could save half the time or more by not having to chase my tail everywhere as various problems reoccur.

If you find yourself surprised in your day-to-day business, and it happens regularly, please consider joining me in a process overhaul of your systems.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

Author: Mike Balof

A retired Air Force Master Sergeant, Mike used to lay in bed at night and worry about what would happen if his plant closed or found himself without a job. One day his plant closed. Rather than panic and hysteria (OK, maybe a little) Mike found himself carried away on the adventure of his life. Mike started with the best job he ever had working at Home Depot. He spent 8 years working with job seekers at a local workforce center, helping them to find employment. He then started his own company developing courses, writing books and urging others to follow their own paths into the future. Mike holds a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training and a Bachelor of Business Management, earned through the University of Phoenix and an AAS degree in Electronics Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. Mike is a member of the Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society.

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