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Ever get tired of the city and the rat race and want to give it all up?  Have you ever considered moving to the country? There are positives and negatives to both. Before you choose one in favor of the other, there are some things you should consider.  

In the city, people seem to be stacked on top of each other. Everything costs money. Therefore, you have to work to be able to afford to live. The city seems to carry more stress because you’re bombarded with more information and everyone once a piece of your paycheck.

At the same time, the city offers a certain level of security, your neighbors are closer, medical care in emergency care or both more prevalent and Food is as close is the grocery store or corner cafe.

The country is much more peaceful. You don’t have the traffic you do in the city. You can grow your own food and Enjoy the flora in the fauna.  If you have neighbors, you probably have enough acreage between the 2 of you that you are given some privacy. When you want to have something all you have to do is cook it.

The country life also has some other things you need to consider. Longer trips to a grocery store mean you have to stock up on the things you need for cooking and other tasks. You need to plan in advance, consider the weather, and realize the price of a  peaceful existence is putting everything else further away. In many areas of the country life, the medical staff is further away, and emergency assistance is harder to obtain.

I think the trick is to live far enough out of the city to enjoy some of the country life and close enough to the city that you can actually enjoy those things you desire or need. With the understanding that for some of our desires we need to have tradeoffs with others.

Have a great day.



Author: Mike Balof

A retired Air Force Master Sergeant, Mike used to lay in bed at night and worry about what would happen if his plant closed or found himself without a job. One day his plant closed. Rather than panic and hysteria (OK, maybe a little) Mike found himself carried away on the adventure of his life. Mike started with the best job he ever had working at Home Depot. He spent 8 years working with job seekers at a local workforce center, helping them to find employment. He then started his own company developing courses, writing books and urging others to follow their own paths into the future. Mike holds a Master of Arts in Adult Education and Training and a Bachelor of Business Management, earned through the University of Phoenix and an AAS degree in Electronics Systems Technology from the Community College of the Air Force. Mike is a member of the Delta Mu Delta Business Honor Society.

2 thoughts on “Tradeoffs”

  1. I love living in the country. I prefer it. I know this because I have also lived in or close to a few major cities. Many cities never sleep. I enjoy getting a good night’s rest.

    Country living is so peaceful. Peace and quiet works for me. I can hear the train whistle. That’s country! If I need something that I haven’t taken the time to plan ahead for [doesn’t happen often], have car will travel.

    I get what you mean by trade-offs. I believe when you live your preferred life, making trade-offs are easy peasy!


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