Time to Move Forward

There are times in our lives when we forget we are more than just one idea.  We are a strong country that has persevered much and will do so into the future.  We are the culmination of what our fore-parents did, and the formula of what we will leave to our future.

Democracy has never been a guarantee that you will always have everything exactly your way.  What is guaranteed is your right to pursue happiness.  Happiness itself is not guaranteed.  Just because someone did not get exactly what he or she wanted does not give anyone the right to throw a tantrum, to destroy property or to shatter the peace of his or her home or the home of anyone else.

If you did not get what you wanted, and yet the actions were properly carried out, democracy still worked.  If the decision of those voting had gone the other way, would that give the other side permission to throw a tantrum?  No, I do not believe so. 

The time for action is before an election when a choice is possible, not afterward when the decision is final.  Get out the vote, discuss the options and fairly look at what each candidate brings to the table.  Do not count on others to make your decision.  Get out early and promote your views.

Did my candidate win?  No.  What am I going to do?  I am not going out to protest.

I am making a chart of what the winner stands for and has promoted.  Moreover, I am going to hold the lawfully elected leaders accountable. I will do so through a carefully designed chart of:

  1. What the winners promised?
  2. What are the positives and negatives they need to and should do?
  3. How and what they do that helps the country?
  4. How they affect the world around them?
  5. Do they leave what they received from the electorate better or worse than when they came into power?

The true measurement of a person is how they help others to better themselves.

“And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.” ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13 ~

King James Bible

I am now starting to keep a record of what happens, right and wrong.  I will cheer and support the good.  I hope there is a lot of good.  I will also record that which may not be right. 

If I do not speak up for good and point out the wrong, (not to complain, rather show better options) how can I do my duty and use my freedoms that I spent almost 22 years defending.  Remember, rights not used stop being rights.

I will have the chart ready by next week.  If you care to have a copy of the chart, just ask.  I will email your copy so you can keep a record also.  Write to:


Thank you for listening to one man with one voice. If you want to continue the discussion, please join our blog at http://www.processimprovement.me





Author: Mike Balof

Mike Balof, MEd, develops intensive, interactive courses which have helped contract manufacturing and nonprofit institutions. He taught youth and adults seeking employment to better represent themselves, leading many of them to successful careers. Mike taught in corporate training, teaching adults and high school students to build computers, work as a team, and to identify and fix problems using a myriad of tools from Total Quality Management(TQM), to 8-D, to Six Sigma. Mike now turns his talents to helping fellow veterans reach their objectives and desires through continuous performance improvement. As we start to live in a post knowledge world, where a doubling of common knowledge shrinks from months to days, our essential skills will include how we interact with those around us. Mike believes there is hope for growth and opportunity for everyone. Everyone has the opportunity to retool and find the career they want. Mike strives to present students of all ages, abilities, and means with a full plate of options for learning.

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