Welcome to Critical Thinking

We can talk about types of critical thinking, how we can use critical thinking to build better computers and find answers to global warming, forest reduction, and other problems that plague us all. One of our biggest challenges today is trying to help everyone find employment. I think this is where I’ll start.

Critical thinking is finding the correct answers to essential questions. To do this, you may find yourself talking or even arguing with yourself from time to time. That’s OK, and after a while, I don’t even notice the people staring at me. The important thing is that you keep notes of what you want to know and how you will find out.

Take notes because notes are easier to figure out. It beats having to watch 2-hours of video you taped of yourself.  Some of the first things you will want to know are what you want to do; and who is hiring people to do that.

Other questions might be how much I need to earn, and do I like this type of job? Also, does the job advancement take me where I want to go?

This blog is all about asking questions. You cannot get correct and needed answers if you don’t know what to ask. Starting tomorrow, we will look at finding the critical solutions and next steps.

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