A fine artist starts with subtleties, soft backgrounds, and sweeping vistas of ideas that he or she builds. The Strata of the painting slowly build and link. Thus, understanding with enlightenment is available to be seen and understood in the eyes of the beholder.

When a good life coach works with a client, they rarely jump in trying to shock or upend a client on the first meeting.  Especially a new client. The coach needs to start off talking with a client to understand where the client is. The coach needs to know what is going on in a client’s life. The most important thoughts for the session may be things the client does not consider especially relative.  A client’s ideas may be false assumptions and pretend barriers, which the client is taking for truth.

The coach needs to help each client paint their verbal picture to look at it and understand what comes from where and what is and is not valid. It is hard for us to look at her painting by ourselves and understand what is and is not the truth. It usually happens because it is our picture, and we’re standing too close to it. A good coach can stand with you, help you back up a little, and maybe see a better aspect of the panoramic when you were only looking at one small part.

The coaches who can do this are the ones who have worked at it for years. The ones who do the best are worth their weight in g…. Not really, yet at least a reasonable hourly rate. A good coach is worth it. A good coach helps you understand in a much shorter time what only you can do to fix real problems and ignore all of the false ones.

If you’re looking to solve a problem, look for a good life coach.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.