Time To Work

There are two types of work that happens. For some folks, it is the work they get paid for, the work to show off their talents, or the work to win the prize. With each work style, there is a second type of work that makes everything so much easier to accomplish. I am talking about the prep work.

It is something I learned working with the Boy Scouts a long time ago. If you take time to prepare, the actual tasks go so much easier. Before we went to a scouting Jamboree or other significant events, we had a camp out a few weeks beforehand. The camp out was to train all the scouts on the various skills they would have to demonstrate during the Jamboree games.

Teaching the scouts beforehand helped them feel less pressure and show better results during the skills portion of the larger camp-out. I still use this type of work ethic today. I take time to study various protocols or practice different techniques before using them with clients.

I find that preparation cycles, properly used, make me and my clients feel more comfortable during training and sessions.

Do you do any review or practice before facing your public?

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