This Could Change Your Life

I have something to tell you today that will change your life. It is the fact that there is only one person who can get you a job; there is only one entity who knows what you can do. And only one person who can convey your desire, your knowledge, and your abilities to an employer. You see that person every time you look into a mirror.

I know you figured it out by now. You are the only person who can understand and help. You’re the person with the drive, the moxie, and desire.

And the truth is you can do it if you want to. Nobody is going to tell you it’s easy. Often it is not. And yet you have the resources within you. All you have to do Is dig down deep and find them.

Don’t be boastful or bragging. Just be confident and know you are the one who would do the best job. New facts, methods, and strategies come to light every year, and soon It will be every month. Will you be learning new things along the way? I’m willing to bet you will. Do not be doubtful of new knowledge. Merely reach out and absorb it.

Now go find where you will be working and let them know you are ready if they are.

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