I hope you are having a good day.

Often in these times of imposed hardships and isolation, it is hard to remember that there will be bluer skies and better times ahead.  We need to remind ourselves that good things are happening to us and around us, even in the most desolate times. 

It might be as unassuming as a phone call from a friend of the family.  A small hug from a little one; or a cup of coffee brought with blueberry bread and love. Whatever gives you a moment to smile both for the moment and realize that eventually, things will be better.

We need to keep our belief that this is not what is best to be.  We need to understand that tomorrow and the next day may have new challenges.  However, they also come, each with their small gains. And the knowledge that we are one step closer to finding our way out to a better norm.

Hang in there, my friends.  As the song tells us, “The best is yet to come.”