Everybody Loves to Learn

Everybody loves to learn something new. It makes people feel good to know we can extend our knowledge. Learning keeps us young in heart and soul. Although we love to learn, no one likes getting pushed and forced. Several negatives link to being poorly taught. I am not here to force anyone.  I am here to help you learn the new things you want to know.

As soon as you mention things such as TQM, 8 – D, Six Sigma, or any other quality and process improvement techniques, you find yourself the only person standing in the room. Everyone else ran. Most hate these classes because of how they are taught and rammed down people’s throats.

Starting Monday, I will give you a brief intro to critical thinking at a pace of 250 words a day for five days.  I hope to instill as much fun as anyone can have in these five blogs. And, hopefully, you can find a way that thinking can now become a fun game.

How good are you at finding fun in ‘Everyday’ things? What if you had a refresher?

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