Your Body Has Habits of Its Own

When you have not been getting up and doing things, getting up and doing something once is easy. When you have not been getting up to do things, and you change your ways, getting up the third or fourth time to do something can become very difficult. The body likes seeing itself set in its ideas. And it is always willing to cut you a break once or twice. The problem is when you try to form a new habit. The body is not keen on creating new things that are going to happen repeatedly, especially when it cuts into the body’s idea of rest, relaxation, and fun.

The problem you encounter is that the body deteriorates. And it deteriorates in such a way that it is going to the waste heap, as you enjoy the trip. The mind is an easy thing to keep occupied. Put a TV in front of it with just about anything playing. Just set a chair out in the sun, preferably one where you can put your feet up. Find a comfortable bed and remind yourself of the time you were up 24 hours straight. It does not matter that the time up was ten years ago. Somebody owes you all that sleep.

The body does not want to sleep. It does not like the TV shows, and it is smart enough to know that tanning will only give you skin cancer. Yet the mind controls everything, and as long as the brain finds itself diverted, the mind is happy. Or at least that is what your noggin’ is trying to tell you.

The mind is actually like a racehorse. It wants to get out and run. It wants to do things. Figure things out and explore bold new ideas.  Yet the mind cannot go without any input. The brain must have something to do. So if there is no input coming in, the mind will find something to entertain it until something new is started and goes on long enough to break through The small addiction the diversion is causing.

You are in control of the mind, and if you say, ‘we’re going to form new habits,’ do not let the brain talk back to you. Form those new habits, and to do so, you only have to get one thing: determination.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.

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