Virtual Assistant

I am a life coach, trainer, and writer who is starting to take on more items and responsibilities within my company of one.  I work with clients over zoom; I write a blog several times a week.  I do write articles.  I am now starting to develop evergreen courses and have been writing books.  I am getting busier all the time.

I have been told that I should get a virtual assistant.  My problem is that I am not sure what a virtual assistant can do for me.  I am just starting to make money, and things are a little tight right now.  Yet, if I could understand how a virtual assistant could help, I would be interested in sharing the load.

I was told that virtual assistants can do a lot of the writing (blogs, letters, and books.)  Yet, I write my own stuff and am not really looking for a ghostwriter.  I am not sure exactly how I would find a virtual assistant to help me.

If you use a virtual assistant, could you please share what they do for you, and is it genuinely worth having one?  If you are a virtual assistant looking for a client, please write me and tell me how you could help me.

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