Failing Has a Good Side

There is an absolute fact that Nothing in life is free. We know a candy bar costs about a dollar. A nice car is easily $30,000. And the cost of success is usually a failure. If you don’t know failure, you will most likely never know success.

We do not set out to have a failure; that would be ludicrous. Nor do we like the idea of failure. Yet failures can happen anyway. You hold a class that no one shows up to learn at. You go sailing in the winds slow halfway through the trip, or worse, you run into squaws. You bet against the Cubs, and they finally won the World Series. Failures happen, and yet they’re not the worst thing to happen to you in life. 

There are many things far more severe and debilitating than failure. When you have a failure, you were trying to do something, and what you learned from the failure will help you do whatever you are doing be better next time around. Think of all the things you do that take you nowhere, and you never learn anything from them.

Think of the person who lives their life in fear, never wanting to try anything because they might fail. They may be living a mediocre life, always staying in line with everyone else who is living in fear of getting out of step. Even sadder, when they leave this earth, their natural talents were never shared, so they were never propagated or left behind.

What’s the worst if you do fail? You get to join the 7 billion-plus of us who have done so already and will continue to do so as we stretch and learn.

Do not be afraid of failure. When you do fail, it means that you’re learning, growing, and are probably on your way to something great.

Thank you for being with me today. I hope to be with you again tomorrow.