The Important Things

Sometimes the things we say are essential, and the things we take the time to do, are often different. I am not sure exactly why that is. What I know is that it is a significant phenomenon that affects most people.

I have a course I’m working on completing. I also have a book that I have been waiting a year to read, and I just got it. Somehow reading that book eats not only spare time, It also eats the time I could be spending in course development. It makes me wonder if I need stronger dividing lines between the things I do.

We all have these temptations in our life. What would life be without a few temptations thrown into the mix? The trick is to balance our life structure, knowing that we are human. We will divert from time to time with temptations. We will have overwhelming work we need to get done. I guess the trick is to plan time for both.

Just as solid fences make good neighbors, well-planned time and time barriers make for good work and accomplishing everything you want.

When did you last have desires and needs clash over time? How did you successfully solve it?

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