Not Done Yet

This week, we have put on our critical thinking hat And worked at getting a job. We have looked at the jobs, the companies, doing a phone interview, and more. We have one more thing to accomplish. We must keep the company aware of us.

We want those we met at a particular company to remember us and think of us favorably. It is a great and doable thought. Believe it or not, this is not that hard to do:

  • Send the people you met a handwritten thank you card.
    • That it was handwritten makes it more memorable.
    • The sooner done, the more it will mean.
  • Give a follow-up call in a couple of weeks to see if the job is still open.
    • My brother got an excellent job. A month after the interview, he was the only one who had called back to check on the job.
  • Connect on LinkedIn with those who interviewed you.
    • If they did not have a job for you, they might know who does.
  • If you are not the right fit for a company, tell others who might be better suited for the job.
    • If you help someone else get a job, they might return the favor.

Who you help along the way could help make your journey easier.  Think about it.

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