Why Hire Humans?

Today, almost everything is becoming automated. Today, doctors are teaching robots now to become doctors. Many planes fly on autopilot, with the pilot sitting there just in case something goes wrong. And, our goals in business are not to manage people. We manage systems and processes.

The one thing that automation has over people is that it will do the same job,  the same way every time. No deviation and no thought are needed. Suppose you have a process that’s absolutely perfect whether it is building a car, building computer boards, doing an operation, or flying a plane or drone. In that case, automation has or is going to be taking a large chunk of the workload.

Yet don’t count humans out.  Humans have one thing that machines don’t. Humans can think. And critical thinking is one of the most important things that employers need. Not every situation is exactly like every other situation. Deviations caused by outside forces call for an understanding and rethinking of solutions required in certain conditions.

Employers know this, so when you go for an interview, ‘what if’ or ‘how do you’ questions will be more prevalent. You need to be ready for them and explain the steps you’re taking in the answer. Your interviewers are looking for somebody who will take a look at what the solution does when used.

How are you at critical thinking?