The Time Is Now

I believe this title is as old as time itself. I can see the caveman looking around his lair strewn with bones and animal skin, dirt and heaps of whatever attracting flies. I wonder who was the first to say, “this is it. I can’t take it anymore. We’re cleaning this pigsty up.”

I am taking my motto to task. ‘New Day – Better Way.’ The opening salvos of cleaning have already struck.

In a lightning blitz, all paperwork left out gathered in one large box with field orders to be sorted and put away before the end of the day.

Items that are too plentiful or do not fit current needs shall prepare for embarkation to the local Goodwill. 

Once known as the family lawn, the ‘Jungle Of No Return’ is set for massive cutting and pruning in the dawn’s early light (tomorrow.)

A White glove inspection is now set for Sunday, providing the white gloves can be found in time.

What do you do when your wonderful, tidy home gets away from you on an epic scale?