one of the things that most employers want to see is three to five references. A reference to somebody who has worked with you before and knows you. These people will be asked to series of questions by the company over the phone. Usually, 2 learn a little bit more about yourself.

Your references are essential. You want to make sure when you put somebody’s name and number on the application what they’re going to say about you and even the fact that they will talk to the people from your new company. What they say will be taken by the company even more than what you have told the company.

You do not want a reference to be caught off guard by not knowing that they were a reference so you need to talk to the contact upfront and make sure that they’re OK with you using them. Have an excellent feeling about what they’re going to say and how they will portray you pre tray you to whoever’s on the phone.

Ask them to call you if they were caught by the company, and thank them because they have just done you a reasonably solid thing.

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