If Someone Could Point the Way

Ever know where you want to end up and yet do not know the path to get there? One time or another, we all stand before this predicament.

We can ask for help from many sources, and yet what we will find is the answers do not totally match our desires. This is because we are all different in our makeup. We all have different experiences and ideas based on our life, likes, and dislikes.

I am not telling you not to ask others’ opinions or assistance. I am just saying that the answers have to be viewed in the correct context. The best people to assist are those who have already trod the path you contemplate. They best know the ups and downs of the journey. Although even here, there may be differences between their trek and yours.

It is always good to gain advice and knowledge from others in planning. Just know that all experiences have deviations based on time and remembrance.

How will you sort the knowledge you gain from others?

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