You will need job-specific skills

When you apply for a job, your employers will be looking for a specific set of skills. The nice thing is that many jobs use the same skills even though the jobs themselves may often be different. You need to look specifically at what the customer is requesting. Then, look at the jobs you have held in the past and understand which things you may have done before and which items you have not.

Every company has its particular way of doing things. They will probably train you on what they want you to do on the job. They do not expect, however, to have to train somebody from the ground-up level if they have already asked for somebody with particular skills.

If you aren’t sure precisely what skills those Include, you can go to and look up your old jobs and your perspective job to see what items they have in common. The site is free. It was developed by the Department Of Labor and is very helpful when finding a job.

You never want to tell a falsehood on the application or the resume. This site will allow you to look at all jobs to know what’s similar and different.

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