What do you need to get a job

The most important thing you need to get a job is to get away from the television and out of the house. If you’re unsure what I’m telling you, let’s experiment.

I want you to go and sit down in your living room for about 10 minutes, looking all around you, and see if there’s anybody there who wants to hire you. Then I want you to think of all the times you sat in your living room and how many times you found someone there who wanted to hire you.

Let’s face it: the chances of having people come to your living room or knock on your door to hire you are slim. On the other hand, if you go out to where the hiring people are, talk to them, and fill out resumes and job applications, your chances of being hired are greatly improved.

Back on the 5th of January, we talked about elevator pitches. Go out and find out who’s hiring and if you can’t at least talk to people, use your elevator pitches, and give them one of your I’m looking for job business cards. And I am making several courses about them also.

Above all, have faith and believe in the one person who could use a job. Could that person be you?

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