Follow the instructions

You are probably wondering how this made a list. It is crucial if an employer tells you to do something a certain way, do it.

When I was helping people build their resumes and complete their applications at the Workforce Center, I had several people who thought it was OK to just do what they wanted and not follow the directions given to them by the employer.

This often happens with civil service and other job applications. They want to know whether you’ll do what they ask, whether it makes sense or not. Or will you ignore them and do things your way? This is also a point to once again bring up the deadlines. If you miss a deadline on a civil service application, you will not be considered.

I have tried explaining this to people just to hear them tell me that they know better, that they will do it their own way, and that they will send it in whether it’s going to be late or not. I can tell you that people with these attitudes do not hear back from the companies they turn things into.

If you want to work for someone, whether civil service or the 711 down the street, start by doing what they ask you to do.

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