The Time Challenge

Once again, we find ourselves with Friday. I find it amazing how fast a week goes. I get the feeling that when I’m not looking, somebody keeps on setting the clocks forward on me.

Honestly, time seems to be the same, and the question becomes, how much do I get done. There’s an equation in there somewhere. I just cannot bring it out at the moment.

We need to do the things we can do.  I cannot change time.  I can change what I do with the time, what I delegate to others, or what I am willing to let lay not attempted.

My challenge is to change what I can to make my use of time better.

What is your challenge with time?


You often hear the phrase ‘the time to strike is now.’ Others will tell you it’s not time until you’re ready for it to happen. A third party may say to you the time to strike is when it’s right. A good thing to ask yourself is whether they’re telling you this for your sake or theirs.

Many of us have a trait of taking forever to do something and often attempting it well after it should have happened. Others get ahead of themselves and run forward with a half-baked idea that is way too underdeveloped. The trick is to find that perfect timing when what you have developed is ready for a world desperately desiring what you have to offer.

There are no books to tell you when is right. The timing is trial and error on your part. The more you do, the more you learn; and the more you learn, the more you know.

What chances have you taken lately in trying to put something out there to help others?

Time To Work

There are two types of work that happens. For some folks, it is the work they get paid for, the work to show off their talents, or the work to win the prize. With each work style, there is a second type of work that makes everything so much easier to accomplish. I am talking about the prep work.

It is something I learned working with the Boy Scouts a long time ago. If you take time to prepare, the actual tasks go so much easier. Before we went to a scouting Jamboree or other significant events, we had a camp out a few weeks beforehand. The camp out was to train all the scouts on the various skills they would have to demonstrate during the Jamboree games.

Teaching the scouts beforehand helped them feel less pressure and show better results during the skills portion of the larger camp-out. I still use this type of work ethic today. I take time to study various protocols or practice different techniques before using them with clients.

I find that preparation cycles, properly used, make me and my clients feel more comfortable during training and sessions.

Do you do any review or practice before facing your public?

The Important Things

Sometimes the things we say are essential, and the things we take the time to do, are often different. I am not sure exactly why that is. What I know is that it is a significant phenomenon that affects most people.

I have a course I’m working on completing. I also have a book that I have been waiting a year to read, and I just got it. Somehow reading that book eats not only spare time, It also eats the time I could be spending in course development. It makes me wonder if I need stronger dividing lines between the things I do.

We all have these temptations in our life. What would life be without a few temptations thrown into the mix? The trick is to balance our life structure, knowing that we are human. We will divert from time to time with temptations. We will have overwhelming work we need to get done. I guess the trick is to plan time for both.

Just as solid fences make good neighbors, well-planned time and time barriers make for good work and accomplishing everything you want.

When did you last have desires and needs clash over time? How did you successfully solve it?

The Time Is Now

I believe this title is as old as time itself. I can see the caveman looking around his lair strewn with bones and animal skin, dirt and heaps of whatever attracting flies. I wonder who was the first to say, “this is it. I can’t take it anymore. We’re cleaning this pigsty up.”

I am taking my motto to task. ‘New Day – Better Way.’ The opening salvos of cleaning have already struck.

In a lightning blitz, all paperwork left out gathered in one large box with field orders to be sorted and put away before the end of the day.

Items that are too plentiful or do not fit current needs shall prepare for embarkation to the local Goodwill. 

Once known as the family lawn, the ‘Jungle Of No Return’ is set for massive cutting and pruning in the dawn’s early light (tomorrow.)

A White glove inspection is now set for Sunday, providing the white gloves can be found in time.

What do you do when your wonderful, tidy home gets away from you on an epic scale?


When you make an appointment with someone, everyone has expectations. The person you made the appointment with expects that they are coming to receive a service or learn something or find some other value. Everyone agrees to be there to give or receive value.

What would you think if you showed up to the meeting to find out nothing of value was developed, offered, or given. I know I would feel bad for having wasted time. I find myself short on time most of my working day.

Imagine if you had spent weeks or months developing new concepts, ideas, and protocols to help others save time and money. You offer the training, and many sign up, then only a very few attend.  You might feel slighted or cheated out of your time and your ideas snubbed.

Have you ever offered something online only to have participants back out at the last moment or not show up? How can we fix the root cause?

Supply and Demand

One of the things I missed during the pandemic was a haircut. At first, I thought it was great because I had an excuse not to get it cut, and I could just let it grow. Here I am nine months later with a full head of very unruly hair. Every time I try to get my haircut, shops are closed, or a line goes out the door and around the block.

The hair is somewhat bothersome. I could live without the haircut except for the fact that I’m ready to shoot videos for upcoming courses. I do not want to have a significant change in hairstyle right in the middle of a class. It could distract and cause a lot of questions.

I figure I will keep my eyes open for an active barbershop with low lines to get in.

What’s the thing that you’ve had the most trouble trying to get after being vaccinated?

Take Care

There’s a member of the team that usually gets overlooked. And yet, if you don’t take care of that member, the business will never get to the place it could be. That member is the person in the mirror.

We are always taking care of others. We tell them when they’ve done well. When they mess something up and feel bad about it, we are there to make them realize everyone makes mistakes and encourage them to do better. When we see somebody struggling too long, we encourage them to take a break or come back to it in the morning if the hours late.

Quite often, we forget to do these things for that person in the mirror. Wait a minute, isn’t that person in the mirror ourselves?

If we do all this good for all these other people and help them make their goals, shouldn’t we do that for ourselves? It is not selfish, petty, or childish for us to take care of ourselves. It is necessary because if we go down, how can our company stand?

Self-care and self-compassion are vital to everyone in every organization. It is as essential as anything we accomplish.

Thank You

Thank you to everyone who joined last week’s free Critical Thinking lessons in Finding Employment on LinkedIn.

Thanks to you, the fact that you were there and the comments you gave me are a vast help in my quest to build meaningful training packages.

I am now building video training packages to help anyone who is looking for a job.

If you are interested, please send me a comment. And if you have something specific you were trying to learn, please tell me about it. I may have something which might help you.

The important thing for you is not to give up. If you need to know something, knowledge is all around you. If you need to change what do you do or how you do it, I understand. As our world changes, so do we all, and I may have something that could help.

Thanks again,


Not Done Yet

This week, we have put on our critical thinking hat And worked at getting a job. We have looked at the jobs, the companies, doing a phone interview, and more. We have one more thing to accomplish. We must keep the company aware of us.

We want those we met at a particular company to remember us and think of us favorably. It is a great and doable thought. Believe it or not, this is not that hard to do:

  • Send the people you met a handwritten thank you card.
    • That it was handwritten makes it more memorable.
    • The sooner done, the more it will mean.
  • Give a follow-up call in a couple of weeks to see if the job is still open.
    • My brother got an excellent job. A month after the interview, he was the only one who had called back to check on the job.
  • Connect on LinkedIn with those who interviewed you.
    • If they did not have a job for you, they might know who does.
  • If you are not the right fit for a company, tell others who might be better suited for the job.
    • If you help someone else get a job, they might return the favor.

Who you help along the way could help make your journey easier.  Think about it.