I hope you are having a good day.

Often in these times of imposed hardships and isolation, it is hard to remember that there will be bluer skies and better times ahead.  We need to remind ourselves that good things are happening to us and around us, even in the most desolate times. 

It might be as unassuming as a phone call from a friend of the family.  A small hug from a little one; or a cup of coffee brought with blueberry bread and love. Whatever gives you a moment to smile both for the moment and realize that eventually, things will be better.

We need to keep our belief that this is not what is best to be.  We need to understand that tomorrow and the next day may have new challenges.  However, they also come, each with their small gains. And the knowledge that we are one step closer to finding our way out to a better norm.

Hang in there, my friends.  As the song tells us, “The best is yet to come.”

Get Up and Make It Happen

I am sure you are considering whether I am as far gone as people thought the first time I ran this blog. Here it is, near the end of a week, and I am talking about getting excited and making things happen. I’m sure somebody is trying to find the phone number so they can call Mrs. Balof and ask her to please take my temperature.

I want to assure everyone that I’m fine, and yes, I do believe it is time to get excited. We have over two and a half months left this year, and at the end of each month, there will be parties and revelry. I believe in parties and revelry. They are a positive influence on the soul. However, it gives us little time to do great things of wonder.

If you have ideas and new items that you want to share with others, now is the time to do it. Look at today As the first of a thirty-day month.  Get out a sheet of paper and divide it into thirty blocks, five rows and seven columns should do good.  Now you have a brand new calendar for thirty days. For the rest of the year, we only have eighty-four. It may not be enough time to build Rome, yet, still enough time to do some good things. If we want a win, starting now, we have a new day and a better way. Think of all the positive actions you could take with this.

Remember, if your first thought is going back into bed and pulling the covers over your head, once the day is over and you’ve done great things, you can do so. Until you have gotten something underway, it is time to figure out what you’re going to do and how you will complete that mission.

It would be wrong for me to tell you how you had to do something because this is your dream. Look at me as the cheerleader urging you on, encouraging you to find your path and take it. There are plenty of things that could come up and try to deter you from your work, and some of them are important. However, please don’t let the minutia get between you and your victory.

Do not think that I am pushing you out the door towards a day’s work and then trying to sneak back to the La-Z-Boy lounger myself. I am knee-deep in launching my new course and am building a Black Friday surprise for everyone.  I need all this up and in the field by the second week in November.  Am I a mean old master sergeant? I don’t even cut myself any slack. Please email me from time to time and ask me how my work is going.

Thanks for being with me today. I hope to be with you again soon.

Mike Balof

Will They Hire Soon?

Not always.  Nor will the skill sets that brought them to now be needed or desired in the next mass hiring. Is it good news? Unless you are one of those workers who are over 40, then you need a little boost.

If someone is over 40 and needs a job to keep their family fed and sheltered, they may find themselves chronically unemployed or vastly underpaid. If this is someone you recognize in the mirror, you will interview with two strikes against you to start.  Age is strike one, and the salary you used to make is strike two.  Strike three will be the fear of health risk and lack of current knowledge in the field.

As business moves forward and time to double general knowledge shrinks,  changes to cutting edge technology are inevitably going to happen faster and faster.  Needed skill sets will change more often, and both employers and employees are in real danger of being left in a bind.  Employees will not find sustainable employment unless they can meet the evolving needs of the employer. 

Is this scenario a horror movie for the future?  It already occurred in the great recession of 2008.  Businesses went under or moved offshore for better technology and cheaper labor.  While in America, many companies closed, and the middle-class technology-driven employees let go.  When the dust cleared, many job seekers found they were unable to find sustainable employment. 

The business could not have hired the people from the above scenario.  They no longer had similar positions to hire.  Times and technologies had changed, and they only had jobs for employees that had specific skill sets.  Nothing Personal; it’s just business. 

Today, many employers that are still here are barely surviving.  They cannot pay the salaries workers from last year earned. And they cannot hire as many. So if a candidate looks to be high cost, not keeping up with new technologies or probable health risks, they seem to get passed over.

That is where I can help.  I am a career coach.  I have faced this and survived.  I can show you the ways to both survive and thrive.  Contact me, and we can discuss your concerns.


Mike Balof


Just an Idea

Just an Idea

Remember, Mr. Newman, who never thought he had to worry?  Is that the same for you?  This year seems to be stretching our boundaries a little for all of us. 

If you find yourself a little off balance with all that has gone on lately, I need to assure everyone that you are not alone.  Sometimes it is excellent to safely get together and talk about what worries us and how we can deal with all the different things coming our way.

If you would be interested in a meeting on Zoom with others who are thinking the same way, please click the like button.  It helps me to know that the need is there.  If there is a need, we can work on the answers together.



Are you tired of those around you telling you you are wrong?  Especially when most of them do not have a clue about what they are saying? 

I have been there and suffered through that.  In a few weeks, I will have some help and some thoughts for you.  Right now, I am trying to see if I am in the right areas.  If I am, please click the like button.  I am not looking for any names or addresses right now, only how people feel.

Thank you for your time looking at this and liking.