Just a Peek

The text below is three paragraphs from my new book on finding a job which will be out in the next week or two.  Please look it over and let me know what you think.

You need a job.  The reason does not matter. The fact is clear you had employment which gave you pay, benefits, a feeling of necessity, fun in your life and any number of other things. It is no longer there for you. If you are over 40, it gets even more challenging. If you’re over 50, it can get downright ridiculous. Yet nothing is impossible.

Now is the time that you need friends. Now is the time not to be shy. Clean up, put on a smile, and let everyone know that you are looking for a new job. Now is not the time for stoicism and quiet. You are going to need all the help you can get to find your next paycheck.

Be sure to register with the local workforce center. Do not hang around there every day for weeks; they cannot hire you. Get the leads they give you and chase those leads to the companies. They are the people who can hire you.

Thank you for reading.  Please leave comments.

Do It

Today we have to talk about the ‘do it’ factor. We have discussed time being more important than money in the past because you can make more money and you know you can’t make more time. And we have talked about planning.

Once we know what is important enough to us that we are willing to trade the time, we cannot get back to see ‘it’ done. No matter what ‘it’ may be, we have to do ‘it.’ 

You can do either the task or something else. The question asked  is, “Do you want to do something else?” At the moment, the mind will probably tell you, “Yeah, just relax.” Yet, you know the task needs to get done.

Critical thinking allows you mentally to walk around to the other side of your decision and see what comes out. You were supposed to clean up the kitchen and run the dishwasher. It is scheduled.

Start by thinking of the task you need to do and how long it will take. It’s not a big kitchen. You can probably finish in half an hour. When you start to relax, you never want to stop. Now, imagine what the kitchen looks like after you clean it up. It’s nice and clean, and it makes you feel good.

What would you do knowing this?

Work Together

We want to think that we can take care of ourselves and help ourselves when we get into a pinch. Everyone wants to look as though they are in control. And, sometimes, we can put on false airs to pretend everything is okay.

Pretending everything is okay, though, doesn’t help as things start to stack up against us. As problems and worries stack up, we have tunnel vision and lose sight of the complete picture, especially solutions. It’s hard to see anything except for the problems.

It is the best time to have someone else in our corner to turn to for help. Working with someone else is often essential because we see in a nearsighted fashion, often being able to identify problems and not able to tell whether they are even real or not. With someone else by our side, they may be able to look a little farther afield, and they are much more likely to see in a 360-degree range. They could help us decipher the real problems and even help us find ways to overcome them.

It is better to have someone that we talk to on a recurring basis who knows us. This person could be an accountability partner, a mentor, or a life coach. If we only show up and talk to someone when we’ve got a problem and are worried or scared, it is much harder for them to help because they don’t know the whole person we are.

Even having a life coach and spending a few dollars occasionally to meet and talk is well worth the money. Just by talking to someone else, you can often hear what works and what does not. Discussing concerns and problems has a magical way of reducing stress and worry on us. And by thinking things through, we could probably even save more than what the coaching costs just by discussing something in advance and having someone else help you find solutions.

I have come to learn that having a coach, a mentor, or someone else who works with and is honest with me is an excellent idea.

What would you work on with a coach?

Who Joins Whom

When you get hired somewhere, are you joining that company, store, business, or whatever it is? Or, are they joining you?

It sounds like a ‘so-what’ question, yet the answer will predict the odds of getting picked for your desired position.

You face one of the most important decisions you have to understand before ever looking for a job. To put this in the proper perspective, you must remember that you are not the only person applying for the position, and you have no power to change management’s needs. If you do not fulfill their requirements, they will leave you.

When you get hired, you’re joining an organization that already has its ground rules, what works best for them, and equilibrium amongst their workers and management, making the company successful. They will teach you all of this information and then some. You want to remember that you are joining them, and you will work by their rules.

I don’t want this to sound too rough. In my years of teaching people, I have had more than one person show up for a practice interview adorned with a full head of spikes; piercings, nose rings, tongue studs, and other paraphernalia, including earrings to practice an interview for a conservative company.

Most companies are not going to worry about what you do on your own time. These same companies want you in proper dress code when dealing with their conservative customers.

What choice does the company have? On average, there will be 252 resumes for each position a company advertises. Most people will have looked at the company website, read the company values, and probably the dress code. The majority of the 252 people applying for the job will be hungry and ready to do what it takes to gain that job.

Do you want the job? Play by the company rules.

A Free Booklet

Later on, today, I am putting a booklet of getting employed checklists and ideas on my LinkedIn business page.  I am a life coach, and this is my niche. The book is free. You are welcome to use it with no guarantees.

There will be a lot of information and several ways to contact me if you have a question in the booklet. If you are on LinkedIn, that is probably the best way to contact me. The booklet is a work in progress, so it will change as new thoughts and ideas come to light. 

I will probably not know who is using the booklet. I am not asking for names or emails.  I am doing this for you.

If you contact me, then I will know and be able to help.  I am not trying to build an email list or push anyone into paying for anything. If you need help, contact me.  I have helped others find jobs for about 14 years and may have something that can work for you.

For the next week, I will be putting employment tips on my blogs which I hope to be posting daily.

How goes the job hunt?

Are You Right

Everybody Seems to look for demanding answers to questions.  Yet, in the majority of cases, there are none.

We could tell people what they want to hear. Yet, the answers are probably not correct.

We could tell people what we think, and unfortunately, because we don’t know every detail, we would probably miss the mark.

Until everything about the item in question is known and studied, accurate answers will be hard to come by.

Even a debate without sufficient data will prove useless.  A debate on a topic without correct data is no more than an emotional tug-of-war.

You have two choices. Stick to one topic you know everything about; or, spend your life trying to memorize everything. 

My answer normally is: It depends.

How will you manage your quest for data?

Are You Ready

Work doesn’t magically get done by elves in the middle of the night. It is hard-fought toil that puts the correct items in the right places. Thus, you string each of many parts together and make something that others deem worth having.

When done right, everyone wants to know what the trick is. Although most won’t believe you, the trick is simple. Don’t give up.

It is your voice, your mind, and your hands at work. What you put out for others to see, view, and use. It’s nothing less than a part of you. When you put yourself out there, let it shine.

What are you doing to be ready for such a quest?


How frustrating is it when you make a list, and as you capitalize the words, the whole one-page list disappears? Some people would take it as a sign. So do I.

I take it as a sign that I can do better. And, someone from somewhere looking over my shoulder understood that and just wanted to help me out.

I’m a 68-year-old guy who’s worked his entire life in the military and contract manufacturing, helping others. So I gripe and grumble. I did not curse, so I think I’m getting better.

I moved on to do this blog and will return to remake the checklist after I complete this. In the meantime, I only have one question to ask.

Once you have laid out a plan of action to build the best checklist in the world and it disappears, how will you recover from it?

Are You Prepared

The question should not be, “What do others do if something happens?“

Sooner or later, most things happen. The water heater springs a leak, someone breaks something and needs a ride to the hospital, or a violent storm comes along and blows the wind vent off the roof.

We think of things that happen to other people, and we tend to play down what may happen to ourselves. Many people refuse to consider possibilities and examine ideas for fear that something might come true.

I believe it’s better to live with a bit of caution as to what might happen and be prepared should it come true.

What are you prepared to do if unfortunate events happen in your life?

Change The World

Dreams are important. Unfortunately, they don’t accomplish much.

Plans are needed. And yet, any project that’s in your hard drive or your notebook does not change the world.

The most remarkable ideas that anyone ever devised go nowhere just by talking about them.

Want to make something happen? You must connect, persuade and educate. Then you need to touch, move, and build. Then you have to market, change minds and sell ideas. Then you need to sell the product, save, and grow.

 By the time you get to that point, you know you no longer have a false feeling that everything is perfect.  By that time, you know which three things are coming next.

What are you going to do that will change the world?