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Time to Organize

We rarely have the privilege to make a drastic change and reorganize to build a better plane upon which to work. One such chance is when you purchase a new device. It is a time when we can take all those files and documents that always seemed to be pushed helter-skelter in our hurry to get things done and realign them in proper locations with proper headings. And although it will take a tiny percentage of time to do this, getting it right to start with allows us an enormous amount of saved time as we press forward with our work.

We should consider taking time to sit down and understand where we’re going, and what we’re not going to need, and most importantly, the legacy documents that will be important to us down the line. I am undergoing this test now, hoping that any work of this sort will be made more accessible in the future. Of course, I wish I would have done this the last time I got the new device.

Have you ever been fortunate enough to take advantage of a new device to reorganize Anne reset up your files?

Waiting Too Long

Some human traits are better than others, and with some, you really have to watch out.  One of my worst traits is procrastination. I have studied and taught procrastination to others, yet I still often wait until the last minute.

If I started early, would I do better? Most probably so. If I did not have so many different ideas going on, would the fewer things I did turn out better? Maybe. If I were more organized, could I keep more control over everything I am trying to do? Good question.

Different people view the same situation in many different ways. A lot depends on their knowledge, where they have come from, and what they have been a part of. Because of this, the answers will be different for different people. There is no one size fits all within our universe. To make up for this, we each need to look at our situation and figure out what we should do to make things better.

Want help? Leave me a message.

What Day Is It

I have something I have to admit. Every so often lately, I have been known to forget what day it is. Most of my life was spent with specific duties on specific days and every day spoken for. 

Now, I find myself with a little free time. And sometimes I may forget momentarily which day it is, or even though it’s a Thursday, it feels like a Saturday. I don’t have the freedom for this to happen often, but sometimes it does.

This is interesting to me. I guess our emotions have a lot to do with how we perceive the days. I am Always reminded to thank goodness it’s Friday (TGIF). Yet, Friday is not the most critical day of the week. Monday is far more critical. Why? Because if there are no Mondays, there are no Fridays.

Have you ever caught yourself thinking you were on a different day of the week?


In the part of the country I live in, spring is an exciting time. We get most of our snow in March and April. We have had snow in the city as late as June. When it comes to stepping up to spring, and the growing summer season, we are a little bit one step forward and one step back.

Once we determine to do something the one step forward in our lives and our jobs, it is a reasonable means of propulsion. Unfortunately, the one step back seems to be a significant deviation from our plans. Once we have determined to go forward, we’d rather not have things that tend to block our way or slow us down. Needing to slow down or deviate due to conditions we cannot control is painful. 

Once you set your plans in motion, what seems to be the obstacles that get in your way or slow you down?

How do you like to learn

There are times that I really like to sit and read. If I am more hurried, I will either dictate what I am writing or grab information off YouTube faster. I can’t do it for everything because not everything is found in fast-to-find places.

I mention this because I am starting to write a series of courses that will begin to come out in a month or two. It doesn’t matter how I would write them for me, I’ve already researched and found the information. I am writing them for you.

Today I am deviating from my one question at the end of my blog to three questions. I am very interested in your responses because you are the people for whom I am building the courses.

Do you prefer to read one or two-page fact sheets or watch a video? Do you like to have an interactive training session where you make choices and then move forward based on the option you have made? If there is a course with both reading and video watching, what percentage of each would you prefer?

Thank you for your time in considering this, and please let me know.

Keep Learning

I thank all of you who read my blogs regularly. I honestly do appreciate it. Even if you only get to come by every once in a while, I hope to give you something worthy of the time you take to read it.

By the end of next week, I am going to start introducing new courses. The first one is free, and I plan to make even the highest-paid training affordable to everyone. My goal in making these courses is more about help for you rather than money for me. These courses are designed to help you fight off limiting beliefs and find gainful employment you will enjoy.

I would appreciate hearing from you about courses you would like to have. I am always interested in building new approaches to learning new ideas.  If there is a demand for a specific topic, I would be more than glad to work on that for you.

Have you ever wanted to learn something and not been able to find a course you could afford? Please tell me about that experience.

Working New Methods

I am now building three courses on Thinkific where I am designing them and, eventually, on Udemy.  This time I have changed how I’m doing things a little bit. This time I am listening to the experts and using their advice.

I have tried this in the past and have not gotten very far. I can’t blame those who offered me suggestions, only myself, for not following the excellent information I had received. This time is different; I will pay attention, be a good student, and hopefully succeed.

I am dedicating a whole month to doing this. With the advice of the professionals, diligent planning, and executing specific courses to provide specific help, we will hopefully end with positive growth in students.

If you have ever been so excited to do something that you ignore the professionals and jumped right in, how did that turn out?


I have come to understand a simple phrase. It is a phrase that holds a wealth of information in communicating with people. It boils down to a straightforward request. Please don’t tell me what you know; please help me find what I should do now.

When people tell me that they are trained in NLP, CBT, neurolinguistics, and other regiments, it doesn’t impress me much. Mainly because I’m the one with the problem. I need to know how to get my problems solved.

Telling me what you know and could do for me does not help me at this particular moment. My problems are with me now, and I need help now. I have strayed too far from the path I wanted to walk and found myself in the high grass, lost.

The questions are easy. Which way do I go, and what do I do now? If you can help me figure this out, I need to talk to you. If you can’t, I need to speak to somebody else. Acronyms and degrees mean very little to me at this moment.

Who am I? I am every potential client who walks through the door.

Have you ever needed help?

Golden Blessings

It is a great day. We have snow on the ground, which means we have moisture for the Spring. Hopefully, the water from the snow will keep our fire season at Bay during the summer. And it may even help me have a better garden this year with the trees and the ground getting the moisture now.  

We need to find ways to be thankful for the things that we have and receive in life. Nothing is ever truly guaranteed, and we should find positive ways to look at and use that which does come to us. Because honestly, there is a blessing within everything.

Of course, we’re all thinking creatures able to find good and bad in anything. We need to be able to spot the good and accept it. Anyone can gripe about anything.  

If we apply a little more thought and willpower, we can find hidden treasures within what we are handed. We can see and use real gems of ideas and knowledge which the ordinary person could just ignore. They would, unfortunately, lose the golden gift within their complaints.

Have you found any golden blessings lately in something that others are complaining about?

Next Job

Yesterday, I started my work in Thinkific to build my new course on finding your next position.

Back during the recession of 2008, a very well-known columnist lost a job when the paper fell on hard times. He was seeking a post in another newspaper. He was a famous and excellent columnist.  He believed picking up another outlet for his columns would be no problem at all.

Because of the changes in technology and consumers, His perceived easy task turned into what he called the most challenging two and a half year job of his life. The job? Finding his next position. 

He did find a new job on a paper, yet it took everything he had and 54 months of his life.

Have you ever started a critical job you thought would be easy, only to find it the fight of your life?